Services & Pricing

Initial Consult

$135 (60-90 mins)

$100 Opening Special!

Includes an initial discussion about your dog, concerns, specific goals and a hydrotherapy session.

Re-Check & Hydro

$95 (45 mins)

A follow up appointment to go over your treatment plan and if further changes need to be made. Includes a hydrotherapy session.

Hydrotherapy Only Options

Single Session

$65 (30 mins)

Short hydrotherapy session up to 20 mins max in the underwater treadmill. Only available after initial consultation has been carried out.


3 x Session Pack

$180 (30 mins/session)

Prepay for 3 x Hydro Only sessions (up to 20 mins max in the underwater treadmill). Only available after initial consultation has been carried out.

*To be used within 6 months of purchase.

5 x Session Pack

$290 (30 mins/session)

Prepay for 5 x Hydro Only sessions (up to 20 mins max in the underwater treadmill). Only available after initial consultation has been carried out.

*To be used within 12 months of purchase.


Yes a vet referral and medical history are required so that I am aware of any medical conditions which may contra-indicate hydrotherapy treatment. For a full list of contra-indications and precautions of hydrotherapy, please download our vet referral form

  • There is more resistance in water than on land, which is beneficial for strengthening muscles and preventing muscle loss.
  • The buoyancy of water reduces weight bearing on injured or healing joints.
  • The hydrostatic pressure and viscosity of water provides support which helps prevent injury to muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • The buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure of water allows rehabilitation to commence earlier, when exercise is restricted on land
  • The temperature of the water helps muscles to relax
  • Improves active Range of Motion and can be precisely controlled.
  • Improves the re-education of gait after neurological injuries/surgery
  • Reduces inflammation due to hydrostatic pressure
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Underwater Treadmill Hydrotherapy can be part of a multimodal treatment plan ie Veterinary Care, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy

I am dedicated to improving dogs lives and will work with each individual dog to make it feel comfortable. The first session may be as little as introducing them to the treadmill without water, and progressing at the dogs pace without force.  Some dogs may take a number of sessions, and some will progress more quickly.  There could always be an exception where a certain dog is not suited to treatment due to a nervous disposition.

Initially I will talk to you about your dogs history and what prompted you to invest in hydrotherapy for your dog. I will watch your dog walk and do ROM assessment, discuss your goals for your dog and the treatment plan I intend to implement.

The appropriate use of hydrotherapy can have many benefits for your dog, however there are contra-indications and precautions that need to be considered by yourself and your veterinarian before starting treatment. Please ensure you have your vet complete a vet referral form prior to your first session with us, ensuring you both have read and understood the contra-indications and precautions listed.

For a 30 minute session your dog will not spend longer that 20 minutes in the treadmill. In the early stages this will be a lot less than 20 minutes. To start with they will only be walking for a few minutes at a time with rests in between as the treatment is strenuous and they will need to progress slowly.

Unfortunately you must postpone your appointment in this situation to avoid contaminating the clinic. Please feel free to contact me to discuss if unsure. If your dog is unwell or there has been a significant change since your last appointment, you may need to see your Vet before recommencing hydrotherapy treatment.

You don’t need to bath your dog, but the dogs fur should be free of mud and dry shampoo products as this will affect the quality of the water. Giving the dog a groom to remove loose hair is recommended beforehand if you have a long coated dog. If your dog arrives covered in mud you will be asked to wash them off outside before entering the treadmill.

Please ensure your dog has pooped and urinated prior to a session as the warm water can increase the chance of a dog soiling once in the treadmill. In the event of poop in the water your session may end if I have to dump all the water, this could then lead to the next client having to be cancelled as the water will have to be topped up sanitised and reheated.

All types of cards via contactless payment or chip & pin or bank transfer at the completion of your appointment. Sorry no cash accepted.

Happy Clients

My dogs just love Nicola and you can tell she truly cares for their well being. Always offering invaluable advice on how to keep them fit and healthy to ensure they have a long and safe flyball career.
Connie Blakemore

If you would like to discuss how Hydrotherapy can benefit your dog, please reach out.