About Me

Hi! I’m Nicola and I’ve been involved in dog sports for over 8 years, initially agility and now flyball and noseworks.

My love of everything dogs has lead me to dog training courses through Absolute Dogs in the UK which I initially joined to help my nervous Australian Cattle dog, Pippa and I now have a Pro-Dog trainers certificate through them.

Over the years I have had to rehab two of my dogs, one after cancer treatment and the other from an ongoing hock issue which has resulted in arthritis. It’s through my personal experiences I have discovered a passion for enhancing the quality of our dogs lives, and I’ve taken a special interest in understanding arthritis and the effective management of it.

I am a certified Canine Hydrotherapist, which I completed through Michelle Monk’s Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy in Melbourne. I have also obtained my Cam Advocate Level 1 Certificate with Canine Arthritis Management UK and had hands on experience at Rebound Pet Rehab in Brisbane. To further enhance my skills I am currently studying Canine Therapeutic Handling Techniques with K9HS in the UK.

My goal is to allow as many dogs as possible to live their best lives, whether they are competing in dog sports or simply a loveable family pet.

At Paws 4 Recovery we use an Aquatread treadmill. A state of the art machine to assist the recovery and rehabilitation of patients after surgery, injury or treatment of degenerative conditions. It assists in restoring normal function and movement and is indicated as part of rehabilitation programs for:

  • Orthopaedic conditions
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Palliative care for osteoarthritis
  • Geriatric wellness
  • Weight management
  • Recovery and conditioning of athletes

Clients Benefitting From Hydrotherapy

If you would like to discuss how Hydrotherapy can benefit your dog, please reach out.